by Desolator

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released July 24, 2014

Recorded by Ted Bridges at Southampton Solent University

Artwork by James Walsh



all rights reserved


Desolator Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Accelerator
The night is full of speeding, with the metal crew
Hungry for destruction, we will run you through
Soldiers of leather, living for the kill
Aggression overflows, fighting for the steel

Fists of iron, pounding the air
Living for today, a life without a care
The sound of metal, is what you need
Heavy thrashing action, with power and speed

Crushing all the whimps, rip them all to shreds
Thrashing altogether adrenaline explodes
Energy intensifies, rage until you die


Rabid metal forces, rebels in the midnight
Look out bastards, don’t you try and fight
Trampelling through, the whimps and the weak
Total metal anarchy, we rule these fucking streets

Marshall wall of noise, shocks your skull
Sonic possession, a sacrifice to metal
We need this steel, like blood in our veins
This life of chaos, where speed metal reigns
Track Name: Position of Power
You, you think you are free
But you'll never see
The truth behind the lies
Living in a world of spies

Who, who can you trust
When wealth is a must
Past values have burnt
A lesson to be learnt

Population, controlled by fear
Disaster getting ever near
Soon, itll be too late
Greed has sealed our fate

When we're all blind
An answer, we must find
Tyranny, the iron face
To the whole human race

State of Control
Eye in the sky
Position of Power

Prisoners of freedom
Death for oil
Position of Power

Obey! Bare witness to the fraud
Our homeland, fought with blood
The tourniquet of our nation

Media, under control
Indoctrinates us all
Removing our free thought
Another product to be bought

Lies! Are force fed to you
To supress all the fools
Who to hate, and who to love
Reality? Heh, we've had enough!

Our leaders, in bed with the enemy
Supplying their armies
All the profit, no matter the cost
Not for the blood that’s been lost

Democracy, hypocrisy, is all that I see in society
You don’t care, as long as you always get your share
Politics for profit, where money is worth more than blood
On the front line, do you know who you're fighting for?

Life of fear, lost in time
Social oppression, our global crime
Human conciousness is fading away
In time humanity will pay
Alienation, helpless to try
Fear and greed ruling our kind
Distant chaos, will decide our fate
Can you tell me what future awaits

Death! Is what history shows
Peace we'll never know
When we're lead by fools
Power, the only rule

They kill, without reasons why
Their truth is our lie
They choose to turn away
When we all decay